Mind-Body Syndrome/Chronic Pain/TMS

Do You Have Mind Body Syndrome/ Chronic Pain/ TMS?

Are you experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, or other mystery symptoms that doctors cannot solve? Have you been to numerous doctors, chiropractors, and alternative health practitioners spending thousands of dollars and are ending up nowhere? Have doctors told you that your symptoms are “all in your head”? I understand your frustration and your stress! Many of these symptoms can be categorized as Mind Body Syndrome (MBS), also known as Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). Mind Body therapy can help.

Examples of Mind-Body Syndromes:


Chronic Back Pain


Chronic Pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain (Vulvodynia, Interstitial Cystitis, Prostatitis)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Chronic Fatigue

Long Covid

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

And More….

Many people with these syndromes have similar personalities/ qualities such as:

Type A

Motivated, Achiever


Have ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Come from high pressure families


Frequently feeling guilt

Wanting to be good or liked

Hold thoughts in, have a hard time expressing feelings

(not all traits are needed for a MBS Diagnosis)

Sound familiar?

The great news is that these syndromes can be healed and are mainly brain/nervous system based.

About Mind Body Syndrome/ Tension Myositis Syndrome

Mind Body Syndrome was brought into the mainstream by the late Dr. John Sarno. He published his first book Mind Over Back Pain in 1982. Sarno found that subconscious emotional states were driving chronic pain disorders in his patients. He coined the term Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), a term still used today to describe many different mind body disorders. Interestingly, Sarno found when the subconscious emotional states were released, the mind body syndrome disappeared.

Fast forward to today, you may have heard the buzzword Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that our brains are malleable, they can change. Every time we learn something new or do something physically, our brain is changing, new neural connections are being created. Researchers have also found that thinking changes the brain too!

Learn more HERE.

What I Do

In my Ventura, California mind body therapy practice I blend the emotional work of Dr. Sarno with new neuroplasticity techniques called Pain Reprocessing Therapy or Brain Retraining. I have done multiple professional therapist trainings with Dr. Howard Schubiner, the author of the popular workbook Unlearn Your Pain. Dr. Schubiner has also been involved in many clinical studies with Mind Body Syndromes and the findings are that these neuroplasticity methods are helping people heal.

Also, I am very knowledgeable about many self-help brain retraining programs and can assist you with these. Examples are: Dynamic Neural Retraining System: DNRS, Gupta Program Brain Retraining, ANS Rewire.

As a Mind-Body therapist, I also use Somatic Experiencing therapy to help regulate the nervous system. Often, people with mind-body syndromes are disregulated in their nervous system. I use somatic techniques  to help my clients feel regulated, socially engaged, and safe. Trauma and complex trauma can throw someone’s nervous system into a survival mode. In prolonged survival mode, symptoms like pain, fatigue, and illness start to show up. Overall, when a person’s system is regulated with somatic techniques, bodily healing can take place.

Chronic Back Pain

Research shows that most people have mild to moderate back or neck MRI abnormalities like bulging disks, some spinal stenoisis, or other issues. Many of these people DO NOT have pain even with the abnormalities. Subsequently, if you do not have any major back abnormalities but are experiencing chronic back pain and discomfort, you most likely do have Mind Body Syndrome.


From my own experience, I know how stressful Vulvodynia can be. Vulvodynia is vaginal chronic pain/ vulvar pain. Fear over having painful sex will make anyone anxious and depressed. Commonly, Vulvodynia often starts from an injury to the area or an infection such as yeast. The infection clears up but the chronic vulvar pain lingers. Sometimes there is no clear reason why Vulvodynia starts.

While I use similar techniques for all Mind Body Syndromes, for Vulvodynia I also add in the Vulvodynia Protocol of Sophie Bergeron, PHD, Canada Research Chair in Intimate Relationships and Sexual Wellbeing. You can find out more HERE. Overall, with Mind-Body therapy, vaginal pain can be a thing of the past.

I Get It

From my own experiences with Mind Body Syndrome/ Tension Myositis Syndrome, I truly get what you are experiencing. My mind-body symptoms and healing led me on my path to become a mind-body therapist.

These syndromes isolate us, cause strain on our relationships and our professional lives. Ultimately, they cause anxiety, sadness, and fear; fear that we may be stuck with these syndromes for the rest of our lives. Importantly, these symptoms are very real and not a figment of your imagination. I want to give you HOPE! Many people with these syndromes HEAL. Pain Reprocessing Therapy and other mind-body techniques have helped me on my own healing journey. Overall, your mind-body symptoms do not have to be a life sentence.


How long do I need to be in therapy?

Some of my clients feel better within a few sessions. And some of my clients need a bit longer to discuss traumatic life events and dysfunctional patterns. Some of my clients take the tools I give them and schedule sessions bi-weekly. Basically, each client is different. The aim is to feel better and not continue therapy indefinitely!

Can’t I just read a book on this?

Possibly! However, my experience with Mind Body Syndromes goes back over ten years and I offer you tons of knowledge, information, and tools. Therapy will give you new life perspectives and new views on your symptoms. Importantly, right in the first session I will give you tools to start rewiring your brain. It’s not necessary to spend weeks reading different literature although it can support your healing.

I am nervous to start this therapy. I am not sure I’m ready to go deep into my emotions or my past. Will it really help?

I will be right there with you along the way! Yes, talking about tough stuff isn’t easy and might bring up some hard memories, but it’s important for healing. I offer you my nonjudgmental attention and support. Yes, this therapy does work. I believe you can HEAL! Above all, chronic pain and other Mind Body Syndromes can get better.

My Personal View On Mind Body Syndromes and The Medical Community

These disorders are brain/ nervous system based. I cannot wait for the day for a pill to come, or a simple surgery to be discovered that fix all of these terrible problems. Sadly, the medical community is just not there yet. However, there are pills/medications and surgeries. But, these do not come with any guarantees and often create powerful side effects. I like to stay abreast of new treatments and studies being done in the medical community and do hope that one day there will be any easy fix. Importantly, I always recommend having a good doctor/specialist while utilizing the mind/body therapy techniques.

From my own personal experience with Mind Body Syndromes/ Tension Myositis Syndrome, I know this specialized therapy can help and often be curative. I went years spending thousands of dollars on treatments, and not gaining any answers. Over all, this powerful work is what has helped me and so many others.

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