From personal experience, I know how horrific Vulvodynia can be. The pain, the shame, going from doctor to doctor and not getting any answers, trying all types of treatments with no relief. I have heard of so many remedies from going keto/paleo, vegan, medical medium, putting garlic and other remedies up there. I even saw in one online group that some women were doing urine therapy (aka drinking their urine). Please don’t drink your urine. It is not necessary! Now I am not stating that there aren’t many paths to healing and I honor whatever healing method works for you. But viewing Vulvodynia as a mind body disorder (neural circuit issue) has helped numerous women to heal, including myself. And now, in my therapy/coaching practice, I am specializing in chronic pelvic pain.

When it comes to pelvic pain, it IS important to have a knowledgeable doctor, and in a lot of cases physical therapy and medications can be helpful too. Definitely go to your doctor and get checked out for medical causes. But when the tests are continually negative, it’s time to stop searching for outside answers. It’s time start looking within, and accept Vulvodynia as a mind body disorder. This is when the shifts will take place and the healing can finally begin.

I suffered with pretty bad Vulvodynia for about two years and I treated it as a mind body syndrome using techniques such as, brain neuroplasticty, nervous system regulation, and how the symptoms were distracting me from what was really going on in my hectic/stressful life. I was free from Vulvodynia for about a good year or two and then suddenly another strange symptom popped up. I went to my gyn and once again every test came back negative, but I was sure that I had some hidden infection, some hidden yeast infection, virus, etc. I then went on to an infectious disease doctor and a skin specialist who was close to taking a biopsy down there (ouch!). Right before scheduling the biopsy, I read online that my new symptom was a classic symptom of Vulvodynia! The bell went off in my head, I had my aha moment, and I accepted the symptom as Vulvodynia (and again treated it as a mind body syndrome). As soon as I had that acceptance that the Vulvodynia symptom was a mind body disorder, the symptom went away. From what I remember, it actually went away within a few days.

A lot of effort, stress, and anxiety go into trying to get answers from the medical system or woohoo modalities. It’s draining, it’s tiring and it keeps your symptoms perpetuating. There’s a lot of info on the web and books written about treating mind body syndromes also known as TMS. I suggest you start there on your healing journey. And if you need more help, feel free to reach out to me. For more info: